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Launch Time

Halo!  Apa Kabar

So, after countless hours of research. Numerous emails and phone calls back and forth from Bali we are finally here on launch day. I really am excited to get to this point. I have started and operated many businesses over my journey but none have given me the thrill of Crazy Bali Love. To know that we can help the beautiful people of Bali, especially those smiling children, fill Christine and me with joy.

Those who know me well realise that I an always coming up with ideas some times I act on them sometimes I don't. Some are successful others are not. Crazy Bali Love started after I returned from Bali earlier in the year. It was as simple as me turning and saying to Chris wouldn't it be great if we could in some small way recreate the feelings we have when we are in Bali. Maybe there is a way we can help people and enjoy ourselves at the same time. And so Crazy Bali Love was started.

I have always thought that there is a lot more going on behind those smiling sometimes cheeky faces of the locals. You do not need to venture far off the tourist tracks to see how hard some of these people have it. 

In remote villages—and “remote” in Bali means an hour or two away from the fancy 5-star hotels—the residents are very poor and most villages lack education, access to clean water and even electricity. Many children must walk for kilometres to go to school. Furthermore, as the more fertile south is overdeveloped, many Balinese are only left with the infertile dry soil of the north and the east to farm on. Due to the lack of jobs and opportunities, men from the villages must also leave to find jobs in the tourism sector, leaving their wives and children. 

So here we are day one on our journey to give back to the people who give us so much. Please pass this on to all your friends in fact even pass it on to your enemies as long as they love Bali and want to be part of our mission they are welcome.

Terimah Kasih

Greg and Chris